“As you answer you learn something about yourself and your business.”


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My wife Jolanda and I had the pleasure of Jim’s coaching for 4 months this year. I never really considered using the services of a business coach at all, but after working with Jim I am happy that I have.

We were trying to grow our business and expand somehow, but we were not quite sure what direction to go in. After our sessions with Jim, however, we now have a direction and path to follow. Many things came up while talking with Jim, things that were both unexpected and surprising. I sometimes wonder what the heck we were going to talk about for an hour, but something interesting always came up. Quite honestly, we could have almost always spent more than an hour in his sessions!

The thing about Jim is that he never tells you what you should or shouldn’t do, he asks questions and you answer them. As you answer you learn something about yourself and your business, and you come away with a clear head. He is the probing, and sometimes critical, independent voice that will help show you direction in your business.

Jim can help you with any problem, from how to handle difficult clients, to how to keep you stock costs down, and much more. Of course there may not always be a problem…….you may just need guidance. He is a man with vast experience in business coaching, and I highly recommend Jim to any person looking to improve their business……and yes even your life!

John Epskamp
Inkspot Bendigo
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25th October 2014

John Epskamp