Dear Jim.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful Business and Life Coaching that you offered to me over the last six months in my role as Practice manager, in a very busy Orthopaedic Surgeon’s practice, and wife and mother of five. I am very grateful to you for having helped me in various areas of both my personal and business life, and you have given me the balance and resources that I needed to excel in my goals.

I first approached you in regards to helping me to implement strategies to improve the workplace having recently employed a new staff member to replace a long standing employee who had passed away suddenly and had left an enormous hole in our staff. I had previously spoken with you in regards to my concern that the new staff member was not the correct person for the job, and that I had little time to improve, or replace her, due to me requiring an extended time off on sick leave. You were able to assist me in implementing strategies and helping with my communication with both employees, to ensure that both I, and my employer, were confident that the everyday running of the practice would continue, and that I would not need to concern myself with work related issues whilst recovering from my health issue.

Jim, you have left me with a better understanding of my role as Practice manager, and also strategies to continue to get the best out of my staff. They/we are happy in the workplace, and both my employer and I are confident that our Practice will continue to improve in work efficiency and employee satisfaction as a result of your tutoring.

Once again, thank you sincerely for your assistance, and I would like to recommend your services to anyone who requires balance and direction in their personal and business lives. Jim has excellent communication skills and strategies to empower all with his business and life coaching.
Helene Brown

High St Orthopaedics