“Deep down I Knew the things I needed to do”


The following is an interview with tony plant of Carry on Catering:

Tony’s business was a small mobile catering business, his market being on site weddings and other functions
Tony took on Coaching at a time when he was unsure of his future direction.
What did you get from coaching?
“At the time I had 3 things I was totally over; the business and……”
I needed to go through a planning process to see if I wanted to do it (the Business) again. In the end I had been doing it too long and was ready to go.
“Coaching was a clarification exercise”
“there must be a lot of people out there where its (their business) has become a habit and are frightened to make the next decision as what they would do- stuck in staying in what we do.”
Was Coaching Financially worthwhile?
“I got the outcome I wanted and if you weigh up the cost of continuing in the direction I was going in, then the coaching is not expensive. It is expensive, but if you are making a lot of costly mistakes then it’s not costly.
“I see a lot of businesses that are very profitable, but are very inefficient so they don’t go anywhere. I know they should be making money because they are flat out.”
“They have just grown into the role and are not managing it. No trouble getting the work. But in the end just inefficient or lose control of the finances.”
“A business coach was like engaging an independent umpire. Deep down I knew the things I needed to do but was never going to make any real decisions until I heard it from someone else who was able to provide me with impartial judgements.”

Tony Plant