A cohesive team


Thank you Jim for your quality coaching, and for showing us how to approach our problems in a different way. Although we had a very good and systemized business we found that the communication between our three managers was not effective, and rather than working as one business we had three people doing their own thing.

The DISC profiles to give the team an understanding of themselves and each other. The result is a cohesive team that is more accepting. They now understand their own limitations and they understand and respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Every section is still its own store, but all managers are on same page, making communication to floor staff much easier and consistent. Having a better management system, it’s easier to bring floor staff along with what is required.

Any question in the workshop can now be answered by a number of people to give a consistent result. In conclusion the better communication that we created has linked all our departments together like three small businesses, they are all focused on the overall business: value for money accident repairs processed efficiently.

– Gary O’Brien | Director
Bendigo Accident Repair Centre

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“Staff taking new interest in their job.”
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“Working with Jim over the past few months has given structure to what I am doing in my business, and some light at the end of the tunnel. As I implement each new strategy I find I am enjoying my work more, stressing less and sleeping better.

I get real satisfaction in seeing the positive changes in the work environment at my business and the new interest my staff are taking in their job.

Having a business expert to talk to on a regular basis has allowed me to set the direction I want to head in and stay on track to that goal. Business is certainly looking a lot more like fun.”

– Dallas Wooster,
Dallas Automotive